Anyone with T-Mobile?

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Anyone with T-Mobile?

This is so bizarre.  I've been with these guys for a while now, and recently, I discovered that I may be able to update my phone (Motorala PEBL) so it's in sync with any additional towers that T-Mobile may have erected since the start of my contract.  Well, I called customer service but the automated voice said that my phone number (I called using my T-Mobile issued cellphone) was not in their database.  WTF?


1. Anyone know why my number is not recognized?

2. Anyone know how to update my phone for any new towers?  My reception is ATROCIOUS at home. 

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You shouldn't have to

You shouldn't have to update your phone if your provider has erected new towers.  They are all in the same transmission network (unless it's some really funky stuff).  As far as I know, individual phones aren't programmed for towers; they are programmed for the provider's network.

Here's a site that shows your T-Mobile network coverage: 

Looks like T-Mobile's coverage is kinda spotty at best. 

Two suggestions: 

1)  Physically go to a T-Mobile store and see if someone there can explain this. 

2)   Change providers if your contract is up.

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