I might be on to something . . . (or not :p)

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I might be on to something . . . (or not :p)

First I will apologise in advance if this has been brought up before.  However, I think I can prove how an eternal God (the Christian Eternal God to be precise) must also be an imperfect God.  TO make it even better, I can do so using their own logic and termonology (for the most part).  Now, as any Christian will tell you, God being Eternal means that God is outside of time, therefore, even when there was nothing, there was God (my teeth grind saying that since its a self-refuting statement but just bear with me:p).  This God, before he created the UNiverse, was/is also perfect.  If he is perfect though, there is no real need to do or create anything.  Surely one with perfect health does not take asprin or anti-biotics becuase that will turn their perfect health into imperfect health.  One possible rebuttle a Christian would make to this is "Not true.  Jesus is perfect and he felt the need to make 2000 fish appear from nothing and to get crucified for us."  So Jesus, in their understanding of perfection, was able to maintain his perfection while feeling the need to do things.  The question I would ask this hypothetical Christian is "Why did he?"  Of course, this is almost a question that needs not be asked if you are a Christian since the imperfection is in the world and man, not in Jesus.  The problem this creates though is that there is still some sort of imperfection somewhere if its not in the being that is perfect.  Meaning that, for a being to maintain its perfection while feeling the need to do something, there must at least be an imperfection outside of it.  Now lets review what has been discovered about perfection before getting to the main point.

 1) Perfection has no need to be moved to action in itself

 2) Perfection is only moved to action by an imperfection

 3) To maintain perfection while being moved to action means there is an  

     imperfection somewhere else

Lets go back to the hypotheical Christian with the Eternal Perfect God conception.  IN this view, there was a time, before the universe, when there was nothing but this supposed Perfect God.  Based on 1), 2), and 3), the only way for this Perfct God to be moved to action while maintaining its perfection would be if there was an imperfection somewhere else.  But there is nothing but this supposed God, thus, the imperfection must be within God itself.  If my logic is correct, this means this Eternal Perfect God is not perfect afterall.

I might have just discovered why there are so many discrepencies in the Bible.  It was written by an imperfect God Sticking out tongue

" Why does God always got such wacky shit to say? . . . When was the last time you heard somebody say 'look God told me to get a muffin and a cup tea and cool out man'?" - Dov Davidoff