A squint of truth, By Brian37

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A squint of truth, By Brian37

Before I write this poem I have to explain what inspired me or the pathetic clown who inspired this. I was flipping throught the channels and hit the 700 Clown's broadcast and saw Pat Robertson squinting so hard I couldnt emagine how close to an anurism he was.

A Squint of Truth, By Brian37

I cant emagine

Super Glue

Or that of bondo

Your eyelids do


You're not relaxed

You're intense

Like a sphincter

Squeazing a member 


Is that what it is

Or what it takes

So much intesity

So much hate


Make the detractors

Go away

Make Jesus

Our president


Squint your eyes

As much as you like

We will fight

Your selfish lies


What you squint for

Is not equality

What you squint for

Is colored green


I have never

Seen such furrohed brow

Compacted crow's feet

In concentration


Squint Squint

Till your heart's content

Tighter and tighter

In futility


I have something

You will never have

Open eyes

To reality 


Squint to believe

As tight as you can

That this nation

Bows to your hand


Squint Squint

In futility

While fleacing the blue hairs

Out of their security


Send Pat your money

Because the big guy has

A huge case of E.D.

Only Pat can remedy


Squint squint

As tight as you can

To get the theocracy

That you so command


Squint Squint

For Isreal

Yet without Jesus

They burn in hell


I see you 

For what you are

A propagandist

Out for yourself


If that squint

Were any more tight

You'd never need

A face lift at all


You are a phoney

Out for money

Out to dominate

With political dogma


Squint Squint

All you want

I'm not afraid

To say what you are


You are what

This word doesnt need

A devisive prick

And Charloton


Your eyes are

Good at one thing

Selling absurdity

While fleecing the masses


To those of faith

Who dont buy his crap

To those who dont

Sell utopian tripe


I say to you

And to humanity

Pat and Bin Ladin




"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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