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"Faith does not give you the answers, it just stops you asking the questions."--Frater Ravus

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Yes... I've seen that guy

Yes... I've seen that guy before.  Pretty crazy.  I agree with you and hope that this is a joke, however my gut tells me it's not.  If he's for real, I find it funny how he attempts to make an educational video with a home video camera on his couch...

JESUS SAVES!!! .... and takes only half damage!

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Awesome! Exploding Dinos!

Awesome! Exploding Dinos!

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Wow, that's sad.  Normally

Wow, that's sad.  Normally I would write a long post discussing each point that was made, but this was just stupid, and I mean REALLY stupid.  I've heard a lot of dumb creationist claims, but this was the height of utter stupidity.  This guy must have dropped on his head when he was a kid.