"The race to save" - Charity Event

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"The race to save" - Charity Event

Hello Everyone,


Little bit of inactivity... My apologies. Work has been consuming my life over and over again, but hey... That's life.

I come to you today to ask of a favor for you... And I'll quote exactly what I wrote on the facebook group to save time and to get the point accross to you:


"First of all, Don't even think twice. Join this group and invite ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!

It is for a good cause!

102.1 - The Edge is currently holding a contest for $7,000 right now to the group that gets the most people in it.

I have started this group to try to get as many people as possible to join this network, and if we get in to any place at all... ANY PLACE may it be 1st, 2nd, 3rd... etc... All the money won from this contest will go to the Oprah's Angel Network.

Info on the Oprah's Angel Network:
Oprah's Angel Network grants awards to organizations and operates projects in under-served communities that provide educational initiatives as well as assist people in fulfilling basic human needs and regaining dignity. Because Oprah Winfrey makes a donation to Oprah's Angel Network equal to its management and general as well as fundraising expenses, 100% of your donation goes toward program costs.

Homepage: http://www.oprahsangelnetwork.org/

Technical Info on Oprah's Angel Network:

I chose the Oprahs Angel Network because I have seen what they have done for the world, How they have helped people. With Oprah donating also, It means that 100% of the donation would go to program costs... Which will go to the people who need it.

All I ask is you join the group and invite everyone you know. That is all.

Thank you very much!

-T.J. Smith