Keds: Worn by Level-Headed Christians

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Keds: Worn by Level-Headed Christians

Hi everyone,


I am trying to put together a bunch of clips and links to post on my 'myspace' page that take a look at the absurdities of religions.  I lump cults into religion as I think religion is just a widley accepted cult.


I am trying to find a clip from SNL in about 1997 just after the mass suicide of the followers of the Heaven's Gate cult.  It shows clips of the bodies from the knees down all wearing nike shoes.  At the end of the ad the tag line "Keds: Worn by Level-Headed Christians," appears.


I have done several youtube searches and looked on google video - I was wondering if anyone has this clip or knows where to find it.


It sounds crass and tasteless, and it probably is. But, aside from being those things it is also very funny and a scathing indictment of religion and the potential for destruction it harbours.

 Thanks for your help!