Business Ethics in China and the Pet Food Recall

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Business Ethics in China and the Pet Food Recall

There seems to be a lack of business ethics in China these days.

I assume everyone has heard about the pet food recalls due to melamine in the wheat gluten, corn gluten, rice protein concentrate, etc. that was imported from China.

First Chinese officials denied it.

Then they were caught in their lie.

The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) has the most comprehensive list of recalled products and news reports.

An article was issued May 1 reporting that tainted products have been fed to livestock, some of which are already on the market.  However, until there is a proven link to health problems in humans because of that, a recall is not going to be issued.  Ack!  Will any of that livestock end up in pet food?  You know, the pets that are suffering and dying because of the recalled food.  Isn't this the same thing?

 What the hell is the U.S. doing importing wheat gluten from China anyway?  I mean, HELLO, amber waves of grain here in the Midwest.  If it's that much cheaper to import from that far away, shouldn't our manufacturers be wary that something might be amiss?

Of course, our government is probably paying farmers not to grow wheat and encouraging trade with China. *sigh* 

I have a friend in the industrial food business and apparently the business practices in China are not a secret within the industry.

(Sorry for the rant, folks.  I held off posting about the pet food recall as long as I could.  Thanks for bearing with me.) 

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