Take back Easter

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Take back Easter

Okay guys, I have had a great idea,

We atheists should have our own holiday, and I think easter would be a great day since we don’t believe in christ or that crap.

So lets celebrate on easter that christ didn’t rise from the dead.

We can have games like.

CROWN of THORNS TOSS, get a fake crucifix with a fake jesus on it, and try to toss a crown of thorns onto his head.

WHACK A CHRIST. Similar to wackamole, except whenever jesus tries to come out of his cave, you bash him with a stick to go back in, the cave can have multiple exits for the sake of variety.

BULLSEYE, again you have a jesus figure on a cross, except this time you have a fake roman spear, you have to throw it to hit the bullseye, which happens to be located by his ribs. Smiling

That’s just for starters, I’ll add more as I think of them.



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