Georgia Passes Xian Law

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Georgia Passes Xian Law

The ACLU took Barrow County, Georgia to court for displaying the Ten Commandments (and won). Now Georgia has passed a law saying that the Ten Commandments can be displayed if nine historic documents (including the Declaration of Independence) are also displayed.

Looks to me like this will insinuate that the Ten Commandments are part of US government.

Read the whole sordid story:

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Georgia Passes Xian Law

Theocracy, here we come. Armed Revolution, we'll probably be giving you a call soon.

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Georgia Passes Xian Law

Fucking rednecks. :roll:

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Georgia Passes Xian Law

Wow, score one for my home state. YOU CARLDAMN IDIOTS! At this poitn I would welcome a violent overthrow of the US govt. I had a dream last night that China invaded, assassinated Bush, and installed a new, non-religeous govt. Then started a program of space exploration that actually made some FUCKING SENSE! Shit, I could learn Chinese for that!

Welcome to Georgia! We love god like we hate blacks, Violently and Irrationally. SOmebody please firebomb our capital. I?ll give you directions if you need them. Please?

I vote YES http//

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Georgia Passes Xian Law

*loads his saturday night special*

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Georgia Passes Xian Law

"We're in the process of having our printers design a nine-piece set of documents that they'll be able to use and will meet the requirements," said Griffin, a GOP legislative candidate. "I know there's a good bit of interest in it."

Did I just read that shit right!?! Are they blatantly pulling a loophole here and making the other 8 historic documents part of this nine-document rule? That's a bullshit loophole and they know it.

I don't even think I'd have a problem with nine out of ten of the Commandments. It's that "take no other gawd before me" bullshit that doesn't belong in courtrooms...


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