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Humanism... isn't it just another organization with irational ideas and vague philosophy? they talk about human value, (which is an absurd concept), equality (which is also an absurd concept), that humans are good, faith in science (as in that it'll lead to good) etc etc. to me it just seems like another group of people who need to make up vague concepts to make their existence make sense and make them "special" in a sense.

surely, it must be better to just accept the reality, there is no such value, equality sure as hell does not relate to the real world and humans aren't good, yes, we're equipped with some degree of empathy but that doesn't make us inherently good, what the hell does good mean anyway?!.

Value can only be defined by your own feelings, you apply value to things based on what you feel. i have come to the conclusion that value is indeed feelings, everything boils down to it in the end. ie you don't want money for the money's sake, you want it because it makes you feel a feeling, maybe comfort or a sense of security etc. you don't help people for their sake, you help them because you want to, you're programmed to help (or not help) people and it has really nothing to do with their feelings, it has to do with you feeling a need to help them or recieving a good feeling for helping them. there is no community value that we all have by default in some way, unless there's a god of course Eye-wink.

 I propose we make a new organisation called realism where we just follow good old common sense and his brother logic and do not resort to these kinds of concepts without basis... we could do everything humanism does today without putting people through that forced view of humans and life that is without basis. not that we shouldn't teach the same values, only on a different reasoning.

I'm not an expert on humanism though, i really just felt like criticizing it. don't come to my house and chop me up me if i have misunderstood the whole concept.