Religion is advertising.

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Religion is advertising.

We see it everywhere, online, at school, and walking down the street for a newspaper. Religion and groups of religion trying to con more people into beleiving what they beleive. But not only that, today i checked the voicemail on my phone and there it was. A Voicemail from a pastor that had somehow gotten my phone number to tell me about a "Christian Music Party", he told me that there would be live music and fun people. He aslo told me that he had heard from someone that i was an Athiest, and that I needed to come and hear the word of Jesus and bring some of my friends that also havent 'accepted him' into our hearts. "<!--break--> Do these people not realize that we dont want to hear they're crap anymore? I. like many others i know, have attended church and youth groups and didnt like the message that was being brought forth. Why would they try to get and Athiest to go to their church? Recruting? Is they're 'god' not enough for them that they need and army of theists? I, for one, and a couple of friends of mine that have the same opinions, (and a few that dont {Christians}) hate the fact that I had a voicemail about it. I want to somehow get back at them. But, i know that would not be rational. I am just sick of religion advertising EVERYWHERE! And now on our private phone lines. Not only that, but my girlfriend (who is also Athiest) got caught in by their tricks! That's right, she will be attending that "Music Party" to meet new people and hear their takes on religion, she also told me that she was doing this because they make a lot of sence. OMJ WTF?!?!? So there we go, another smart, interesting person that is being sucked in by the advertising that religion is doing. I am not against them having their own opinions, that's fine with me. But they shouldn't con children into their religion with fun and games. That is corruption, weather they would like to admit it or not. That's all i had to say, just needed to vent a little and get my opinions out. Peace.

a·the·ist [ey-thee-ist] –noun a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.