My puter finally died after 7 years.

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My puter finally died after 7 years.

This post is being typed on a new 2.4 gig processor with 2gig memory. No one can laugh at me any more! At least untill this technology becomes a turtle.

Anywho, amazing speed. My downloads are faster and page refresh is WOW!

I have finally graduated to the 21st century and got rid of my abacus. Now let me go to the c prompt and type in format c:

Hey guys, I was wondering, is it ok for me to rest my sub wolfer speaker magnets on my hard drive? 




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Welcome to the 21st

Welcome to the 21st century, Brian. I'm in the same boat. My Compaq Presario finally bit the dust, and I just built myself a fairly decent computer. Did you know that there are these really cool things you can run on your computer called "video games"? I just got this one called "Half-Life 2", and it actually runs on my machine! Amazing!



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I can laugh at you. Nice

I can laugh at you. Nice computer, except every 3 months on average a computers technolgy becomes obsolete. Your computer seems atleast 3 years ago. 4 Gb 533-667 mhz, dual or quad depending on processor 15ghz+, and the newest ati of nivida is the standard of technogly now a days.

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Quote: My puter finally


My puter finally died after 7 years.

Are you going to hold a funeral for the metal.


 get it?

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Brian37 wrote: Hey guys, I

Brian37 wrote:
Hey guys, I was wondering, is it ok for me to rest my sub wolfer speaker magnets on my hard drive?

I would avoid it. But, the question makes me wonder, is your hard drive not in the case?

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