hey everyone

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hey everyone

Well since I am new here, I thought that I would introduce myself. Im glad rational responders exist and they are VERY good at debating our point. I was raised Catholic, but even as a child I thought this whole "religion" thing was a silly ritual. So ive been an atheist for a good part of my life...

Now about my personal self. I'm a college student at the University of Oklahoma studying computer engineering. Ive been on the computer even since I could hardly read, so that probably explains why I have interest in such a subject. Im also a self taught auto mechanic, a hobby which i enjoy very much. I drive a 96 s10 blazer with enough horsepower to put many other "sports" cars to shame!  Im also one of those people who are passionate about animals. Particularly Harp Seals, which I am currently trying to educate the rest of the world on the horrible hunt in a few countries that exist today. In the light of all of humanity's advancements, we are still pounding helpless animals skulls in with clubs... How barbaric...

Well thanks for reading, Andy 

Religion has been the ball and chain for humanity long enough. Set yourself free...

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Welcome! I'm sure you'll be


I'm sure you'll be able to get right into some good discussions.  We're glad to have you.


Atheism isn't a lot like religion at all. Unless by "religion" you mean "not religion". --Ciarin

Books about atheism

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Welcome DarkNexus! Glad to

Welcome DarkNexus!

Glad to see another animal lover come aboard.  It warms my heart!