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Hey, my name is Justin, and as my user title states, and as some of you already know, I am a theist.  I'll be finishing up my B.A. in philosophy in a few months.  I'll be starting my graduate work in English this fall.  

I enjoy the music of Neurosis, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, 16 Horsepower, Brian Eno, Richard Wagner, Steve Reich, and the Beach Boys;

the picture shows of Stan Brakhage, Werner Herzog, Ingmar Bergman, Stanley Kubrick, Jacques Tati, Jan Svankmajer, John Cassavetes, Martin Scorsese, Stephen Chow, David Fincher, and Andrei Tarkovsky;

the poetry and prose of Henry Miller, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Hermann Hesse, Walt Whitman, Cormac McCarthy, James Joyce, John Keats, Ezra Pound, Chaucer, and Homer;

the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre, Plato, Soren Kierkegaard, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Augustine of Hippo, and Paul Tillich. 

So yeah, I'm kind of a nerd.  Cool place you've got here, though.   

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Hi jmm.  Welcome to the

Hi jmm.  Welcome to the forums.  It looks like you're already up and posting.

By the way, you seem to have forgotten the music of The Beatles.  Laughing

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