A declaration of my existence.

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A declaration of my existence.

Hi, I'm ThaiBoxerShorts, aka John.  This is my introduction.
I've participated in online discussions and debates about religion and lack thereof for quite a while, but I've only recently decided to seek out online comminuties specifically dedicated to non-theism.  Partly because everyone needs a shelter from the storm occasionally, and partly because lately I've been wanting to take a more activist approach, and coordinating with like-minded people online seems like a good way to start.

My academic background is in social psychology and journalism, though somehow I ended up working as a chem lab technician.  It's not too bad; I get to play with chemicals and occasionally set stuff on fire, but it's not what I want to dedicate my life to.  My dream is to become an investigative journalist, but that's a horribly difficult line of work to break into.

I was raised liberal Christian.  Growing up, I attended a church so liberal that it likely would have been kicked out of its already-liberal denomonation if it wasn't one of the biggest/richest churches in the organization.  I was never particularly religious, but I believed in God and indentified myself as a Christian until I hit the first wave of college science and philosophy classes.  Once I learned about concepts like reason, logic, and the scientific method, well...  that was that.

I guess I am an atheist by definition, but I don't much like that word.  I find it rather useless.  It's like if you ask me to tell you something about myself, and I say, "I don't believe in unicorns."  You still don't know anything about me.  You might make assumptions, but they very well might be wrong.  Same goes for the word "atheist," really.  I prefer, depending on context, to call myself a rationalist, humanist, materialist, or naturalist.  If I need to resort to a catch-all term that works in any context, I usually go with "secularist."

Anyway, that's me.  I have some ideas about how I might be able to help make the world a more godless place; I'll be running them by the community in in the near future.

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Very nice to meet you! I

Very nice to meet you! I agree with so much of your post that it  just makes sense to say "good post". I'm interested in social psychology as well, my field is clinical psychology along with interests in logic, philosophy and cosmology...

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Hi John.  Love the name

Hi John.  Love the name "ThaiBoxerShorts"!

With your background, it sounds like you'll have a lot to contribute to the forums.  We'll look forward to hearing from you. 

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Be the change you want to see.

When people ask if they can pray for me I say something like, you don't have to do that, or no thank you. When people ask me about my religion I may say something like "I don't believe in your god". I try to be firm and project an air of confidence.

I rarely debate people. I just prefer to tell them that my beliefs are well founded and unless they have some kind of astounding evidence that numerous other preachers, priests, theologians and faithful haven't been able to provide, that they are wasting my time and theirs.

Tell them that you will accept nothing less than tangible proof. Unless they can perform a miracle for you or unless they can produce something that you can see, hear, smell taste or touch, then all that they have is faith. Tell them that it is no more reasonable for you to share their faith in god than it would be for them to share your faith that you can chant some gibberish and turn a beer can into a gold bar.

I don't know anyone who will accept prayers in place of tangibles. Not a landlord, a utility company, a banker, an employer, hungry children. Give this a try. Tell your boss that you are going to stay home tomorrow and pray your work done. Tell the kids that you are going to pray hot dinner on the table or tell your banker that you are going to pray a deposit. Oh?! What is that? That is just absurd? Why is this? Because god can't produce the goods when asked to. Period. To me, it's all absurd.

Be the change that you want to see. If you want to see a god-less world, then don't be afraid to live as if god does not exist and that those who believe in god are nothing short of delusional.

Now I will try to take my own advice.








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Declaration has been

Declaration has been checked, verified and valid. We acknowledge your existence.

Welcome to the forums. I wish you a great time and fruitfulness out of the effort.

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