Something I noticed about sports scores in the morning.

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Something I noticed about sports scores in the morning.

I just noticed something stupid on a local channel. The ticker at the bottem was displaying scores from a variety of sports. Mind you it is 7am. No pro sports on this contenent are played at 7am.

So why are they using the (F) graphic meaning "final". I can understand that for 11pm news because of injury delays or penalty delays or weather delays which can cause a game to run late. BUT wouldnt it be obvious if you are seeing an NHL score at 7am that it would be a "final". I dont think the veiwers if they didnt see that would go, "Hey the game is still on" at 7am.

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Thats a good point.  Of

Thats a good point.  Of course now that we are all used to seeing the (F) if they took it away I would probably think to myself: "Wtf?  Why is the game still going on at 7am??"

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