Yet another introduction

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Yet another introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Robert and my online screen is Flippy. I’m 22 and I live just outside of Chicago. I was raised a Roman Catholic and went through all that ritual crap usually associated with it, primarily out of fear of prosecution by my own family. They are one of those hardcore fanatical Catholics, my mother doesn’t believe in evolution and my sister has seen Virgin Mary at 5 years old. I’ve realized that theism is total bull crap at around 12-13 (suspected at earlier age). Thanks to the podcasts and this online community I’m no longer afraid to speak my mind. I confront theists, I ask them hard questions, I help them to realize the truth and best of all: I feel great about it. My life is so much more meaningful now that the fear is gone.

That should cover my background.

I’ve been reading for a while now it’s time to give back to the community. This website gives me that feeling like when you find $100 in your jeans. Finally some people with similar views and ideas. Thanks again to the admins for making this possible.

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Welcome to the message

Welcome to the message board, Flippy.

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Hi Robert.  Welcome to the

Hi Robert.  Welcome to the RRS forums.

Considering how excited I'd be to find even $50 in my jeans pocket, you must really be excited to be here!  We're glad to be of service and really glad we could make you THAT happy! 

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introduction- another one-

i live in a german speaking country, hence the username. it means the damned, because i guess i am now that i am writing that i do not believe in a holy spirit...
i am 52 and was raised in a catholic environment only to discover at 13 that my parents had chosen not to tell me i was, if i were to follow their upbringing, half jewish and half protestant. out of curiosity i began to read what i could about those dogmas too. at 18 i fell in love with a buddist young man and began to read up on that led me to read what i could about many religions and forms of worship.
have been labelling myself agnostic for about 35 years now, and i think that still applies, because i have many doubts about some things atheists would call coincidences and scientists might just explain as hallucinations, yet they all are quite real to me. i would love to discuss some of these irrational and otherwise unscientific or perhaps unexplainable events with people on this forum.