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Please forgive my spelling errors.

The following poem is a two pronged attack on the state of global religion and the unfortunate game of politics and blood where most humans never consider that this is a battle over myth that needlessly divides humanity.

I chose the name listed in the title becaus religion has adapted to corperate marketing just like Stadiums in America have names.

To the theists reading this. You should take this personally and seriously. Not as a call for atheists to use political or force of law to end religion, but at a minumim wake up to the reality that religion is used as a weapon in politics and in war. And untill all sides demand that their own in their respective groups stop using the football feild called earth as their pissing contest, we will never have widespread peace.

The poem is blasphemous, not out of hate, but to spark introspection in the overwhelming obvious need for humans in general to STOP pitting neigbor against neighbor country against country over what should be left up to the individual. 

........................................................... By Brian37

Watt is the Ankor
Of human disire
Inventions of deities
Come from the prior

In a thousand years
Buddah did grow
From only long earlobes
To multiple arms

Baal and Asurah
From the land of Caanan
Doesnt it make it
Blatantly obvious?

Your Rx symbol
Is of Horus and Thot
Later to be used
In your holy book

Had a code too
An eye for an eye
Picked up by Jews

It is obvious to me
Superstition reigns
Not from divine
Rather human invention

Uses a cross
Kwanza stoll the Manorah
To sell a new product

It is Coke vs Pepsi
Mundain compitition
Cometing humans
Over superstition

The motif at is core
Stripped of its magic
Is human ego
In search of a pinacle

We want to continue
We want to be right
We want altruism
In our lives

Why these inventions
Of magical beings
Of Allah or Jesus
Yahwey or Thor?

The species is Linus
Stuck in the past
Wrapped in the superstition
Of a protective blanket

We are creatures of habit
Clinging to magic
And yet to learn
To get beyond it

I have no need
Of Apollo or Horus
Of Vishnu or Allah
Jesus or Isis

We make up stories
To create clubs
Safty in numbers
To protect our own

When we realize
It is not divine
We will find answers
For all human kind

The age of magic
Should be put to rest
Logic and reason
Should replace all myth

Kaballah's math
Is nothing but junk
So to Creationism
Cheerleaders bunk

Santa Santa
Why wont you die
Why do humans
Buy your lies

The reason is clear
We chose our egos
Once the lie is baught
We dont let go

Where is your cave
Humanity needs you
To save the nieve

Palm palms
Dripping in crimson
The endzone is domanance
Of human existance

The globe is the gridiron
The the players obey
The coach is their master
And they are the slaves

Ra ra ree
Kick em in the knee
Kill the unbelievers
And cheer with glee

Plays in America's dome
Where politics is fuelled
By the fans in the stands

Abraham in the east
Protects the red zone
With bombs and missles
Killing little children

What could they know
As a little spounge
About the adult game
Of mythology's blood

Isn't time
Lombardi died
Utopian trophys
Of lives distroyed

Ra ra ree
Kick em in the ass
Shouldnt this attitude
Die at last?

Tell your dad
He will lose the game
And will be replaced
By a second string

As such is life
Mythology morphs
The play book adapts
And changes it's looks

In all of this
If nothing else
Could all you assholes
Stop threatening hell

In nations with
Cresent moons
And so too
E-Pluribus unum

There be of want
Of lasting peace
Without the game
Containing violence

Could you three pricks
Of Abraham
Stop all the killing
On your behalf?

I dont think so
It never will
You all sell fear
Of burning in hell.

I am not impressed
With your team
Do not make me center
Or even QB

Your players die
And to blind to see
There is only one team
Called humanity


"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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