My Arrangement of Tom Waits' "Shiver Me Timbers"

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My Arrangement of Tom Waits' "Shiver Me Timbers"

Remember the "Numbered Theist Arguments"? You know, the ones I'm supposed to be working on? Smiling Well, I've got quite a few other things I've been working on: proprietary computers, music theory...chronic illnesses. (I had a hard week fighting diabetes, sleep disorders and fibromyalgia, but I'll spare you the details.)

Anyway, I'm singing a song at a Unitarian church next month. (Yeah, I know. But there are a lot of atheists that go to Unitarian churches, mostly to socialize. I've wondered how they would respond to some of the arguments against religious moderation.) I'm re-tooling an arrangement I wrote for piano, flute and voice. Here's a preview: Shiver Me Timbers by Tom Waits, arr. by me.

Enjoy! (Or not.) Sticking out tongue

BTW, you will need to download and install the Scorch plugin. (Or not.) Sticking out tongue

(Interesting that it's a nautical theme and I'm a pasta pirate. Smiling )