The Jesus Tomb?

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The Jesus Tomb?

What do you guys think about this? The Discovery of what they think is the Tomb of jesus and his family. I personally think Jesus was a real guy...just no son of God. How do you think this will affect religion? I personally think most Christians won't accept anything no matter how convincing. I mean if an Alien race came down and took everyone away from Earth except Christians they would still be waiting around for Jesus. hahaha anyways Any opinions on this?

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Only a tomb was found.  The

Only a tomb was found.  The reports are saying it could be the tomb of Jesus, then again it could be the tomb of Bill, Harry or any other number of thousands of people.  Attaching the name Jesus to something will just get the article read by more people.

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Well, they really did find

Well, they really did find tombs with the names of the Jusus' family. The question now is if it's really the Jesus that the Bible says is the son of God, or just a coincidence that some other family had the same names.

Check the video clips, Jacobivici talks about why they started taking the graves seriously: Video clips

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