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Graphic Interface


Another damn newbie, I'm afraid. His Excellency Sapient suggested I bring this to the forum, and I hope this is the right place.

I've created a few graphics in which some here might possibly be interested. In particular I made a sort-of UK version of the RRS shield, which currently looks like this:




Some notes:

This is a rendering of a Fireworks image, which means that it's vectored and thus totally editable. The text can all be easily changed as desired. So can anything else anyone wants different. Because of the vectors, it can be rendered at any size without loss of resolution.

If anyone wants it, it's yours. If anyone wants the 1MB original Fireworks file, just say the word. I'll happily make any customisations, text changes etc. on request. Any suggestions for improvements - ideally not involving pointed sticks and my genitals - most gratefully received.

Caveat: I'm not an artist. I'm a tech-nerd working on bringing about the destruction of civilisation using common household items. I just enjoy playing with graphic tools. I have various other not-particularly-good images suitable for upsetting religious people, which I'll upload to an accessible website shortly. If anyone's likely to be interested I'll post the URLs.

Of course, I reckon there's a good chance that nobody will be interested at all.


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Hi Chris, Welcome to the

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the RRS.

Great looking badge!

We'd love to see graphics that would be suitable for upsetting theists, too.  You could post them in this thread

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