From the mouths of bebes

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From the mouths of bebes

I have a little story that happened last night I want to share with you.  My Grandmother is the only person that knows I'm an Atheist. She's the only one who has asked, and I can't lie to Granny.  Well, she's very concerned about my children growing up not knowing about god.  She has asked me on numerous occasions if she can take my oldest [4] to church, and I have repeatedly told her no.  I feel she's too young.  Anyway sometimes she, my grandmother, likes to tell Trillian [my oldest] about god.  Last night she was talking to Trillian about god and how he watches everything she does.

"Well, were is he?" Trillian asked.

"He's everywere" replied Granny.

"I can't see him."

"He's invisible."

"My freind Sadye has an invisible friend too. His name is Mr. Sprinkles."

I did my best not to laugh, but it was really funny.

For the record, her friend Sadye indeed has an invisible friend. It's kind of creepy.

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Lol, I liked your story,

Lol, I liked your story, mindspread.Smile

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My son had a similar

My son had a similar comment when he was about 5 or 6 about Santa Clause.

My ex wife was answering some questions around Christmas and it was the usual "How does he get in the house?" and "How does he know if you are good or bad?", when she finally because exhausted by his questions she said "It just magic and you have to believe".

He replied, "I bet you really buy the presents and Santa is made up." He was the first in his class to know the truth and be skeptical.

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lol your daughter

lol your daughter rocks........that was too funny.

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I was recently watching a

I was recently watching a documentary on HBO about xtian fundies. My 10 y/o son overheard them talking about a young earth. He said he couldn't believe how stupid they were. He got really frustrated when they talked about dinosaurs in the garden of eden. I was so proud of him.