I'm sort of new here

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I'm sort of new here

I've belonged to this group for a little bit but have never posted anything. I grew up atheist and to me religion was simply a non-issue. I always figured people could believe whatever they wanted, so long as they didn't hurt anyone. It always struck me as absurd that anyone could even entertain the prospect of a god and I had always chalked it up to not knowing any better. I mean, if you've grown up with god in your life, of course you're going to think such a delusion exists. Far be it from me to rain upon anyone's parade. Unfortunately, religion isn't a non-issue any longer. While I have always read various religious views, it was more from a cultural standpoint than anything else. I'm not politically educated, though I have been doing my best to become so in the past few years. I suppose my reasoning for even doing this is because I'm becoming seriously concerned about what is happening to this country. I'm really not that great at explaining how I feel or what I think, so if this comes out really choppy, I apologize. I think I've blathered on enough. so, hello everyone.

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Hello right back at ya,

Hello right back at ya, Pariahjane!

Yes, it's pretty scary to realize how much influence the xian right has had on the USA.

We're lucky enough to have folks from all over and you'll see some great posts with views of what's going on in US politics.

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