Good Cop , Bad Cop, By Brian37

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Good Cop , Bad Cop, By Brian37

This poem has been posted on ABC'S NIGHTLINE FORUM UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME. I have also posted it on "The Debate Hour" forum under yet a different name.

I realize the best name for it is "Good Cop Bad Cop"

Good Cop Bad Cop, By Brian37

Jr's X Is King of Malcom, By Brianrrs37,

Both were bullied
By a majority
Both claimed divine
As authority

But is it different
Because of claims
Allah or Jesus
Or human complaints?

Malcom took
Rooseveltes advice
To carry a big stick
If you dont play nice

King had his plan too
I like Gandi
Be not violence
Others resort to

I admire both
Not for their religion
But that of the underdog
The universal position

To challenge
All set norms
To oppose opression
Of dissent

I would hope
The letter X
And the King of progress
Do proffess

As an atheist
I am King
The X factor
Who wont relent

Not to opress
Nor do I condemn
But for freedom
Of all that live.

Malcom did
Before his curtain
Saw the same boat
That all were aboard

King had kind words
That all could see
Content of character
All should see.

If color of skin
Is an absurdity
Why base politics
On religious claims?

Should it be
For one and all
That those who do good
Must demand reward

Or should it be
To never occure
Blind condamnation
Of those who are different

Thank you Malcom
For making me tough
Thank you King
For my soft spot

I wish humanity
Could get past the labels
Seek common good
Without all the fabels

Freedom of
Means freedom from
Freedom of thought
Excludes no one


"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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I also respect Dr. King for

I also respect Dr. King for his speeches/ideas. I know a lot of people talk about his faith first, but it seemed to me that he had people first in his mind.

I wonder sometimes if he was using the pulpit to front his messages. Although, I think that even then he would have been listened to regardless of ideology. 


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