Carl Sagan returns from the grave

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Carl Sagan returns from the grave

There's a great article in the NY Times today about the publication of The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God (Penguin), which is edited by Sagan's widow and collaborator Ann Druyan. If you're a Sagan fan (and you should be), you'll probably want to add this book to your reading list.

Here's the article: LINK

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I agree

We certainly miss Carl. Taking nothing away from the great skeptics with us today but Carl was such a force for rational thought at a time when the skeptical community was even smaller than it is now. Read all of his books and be sure to watch the Cosmos series.

    Neil Degrasse Tyson is also another great thinker who has written some very good books. 

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Totally agreed on Carl

Totally agreed on Carl Sagan Smile A brave, eloquent and brilliant thinker. For anyone who hasn't been to this site there is a veritable feast of discussion including Carl's wife, Neil Degrasse Tyson and many others. Unlike the youtube clips they have the full videos from Beyond Belief 06