A universe too complex for a creator.

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A universe too complex for a creator.

I was thinking of that whole notion that "life/theuniverse is too complex to have a creator." and the argument of "A painting has a painter, so creation needs a creator."

But then it kinda got me, A painting needs a painter, but someone else need to make the paint and the canvas, a painting is made by several people (And that's not including the people who made the materials for the canvas and the paint in the first place, heck it's not even including the people who invented the paint and canvas.). Music, computers, require many people to make (In one form or another). Including people, even when done not the way nature intended.

So I thought, is the universe too complex for ONE creator? If it had to have been made, then there must have been a team.

Then I thought, don't some artists get taught by teachers? 

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According to the Bible

According to the Bible there were many gods involved in the creation of everything.  Judaism was originally a polytheistic religion but many people would prefer to deny that because to know more about their religion would inspire doubt and non-belief.

However, the argument that something complex needs a creator implies that the creator is so simple that it doesn't require one.  That leads us to the problem about how something so simple can do such a complex task which would require the creator to be complex.  This contradiction negates such an argument for a creator.