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Hello everyone!

 I am a 24 year-old agnostic atheist from Finland and somewhat new to these forums. Although I posted some responces few weeks ago, I didn't get actively into the RSS thing.

I have also posted a small blog article about ID that I thought through internal dialogue (Yes, I talk to myself) in 10 minutes and wrote in another 20 minutes. I'd love to have some comments or feedback about it, both positive and negative.

I don't think of anything else I could write at the moment, so I guess we'll meet in the forums.



ps. could someone tell me how the quotes work around here? 

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Hi MisterDax!  Glad you're

Hi MisterDax!  Glad you're starting to post again.

If you'd like to use the quote function, go to the post you'd like to quote and click on "quote" at the end.  That will bring up the response box with the message already quoted for you.

All you have to do then is type your response.

Once you see how the quote function formats everything, you'll probably be able to figure out how to break posts into parts if you like. 

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