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Hey. I am Ian. I woulda chose that nick but someone took already. I was on the old IG board but now I am here. I love the show as it is a great way to provoke a discussion on a subject that causes many a discomfort (or a firebombing ). I am in Winnipeg, Canada, 34 and I am a southpaw and a comic nerd.



Snake handling is for pussies. I've started up a sect where you prove God is watching over you by punching bears in the face .

"The brain is an important learning tool , Meatwad . " - Frylock

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Quote: I am a

I am a southpaw

Hey, pleased to meat you! 

American Atheist
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Welcome to the board!

Welcome to the board! Smiling

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Hi Ian.  Glad to have

Hi Ian.  Glad to have another rational Canadian here on the forums!