RRS gaming clan?

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RRS gaming clan?

I play America's Army and have noticed Christian clans. I also remember talk about an RRS Halo group. Maybe we could form a general group spanning a few games.

This would have two purposes. One, offering a way for atheist to interact and have a bit of fun with each other. Two, promoting RRS.

I'm not really thinking of this as competitive, but maybe if we do get skillz we could go for it. If we do start setting this up we might want to get X-fire as it is very useful. I haven't used the thing in years, but it was great when I was really into AA.

Also I don't really intend for the only game to be a America's Army, just whatever game you like playing.


It might be a little too soon, but might as well talk about the tag right now. I was thinking about one of these:







Just something compact with a symbol to separate the tag and the name.

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Great idea!  I used to play

Great idea!  I used to play City of Villains/Heroes and I was always thinking about some way to have an atheist clan in the game, or at least one made up of RRS members...