Old Nintendo Bible Video Games

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Old Nintendo Bible Video Games

Here's a link to a reviewer of some old Bible video games on nintendo.

 Totally hilarious.



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I used to have one of those

I used to have one of those unlicensed NES Bible games when I was a kid, although the one I had isn't in the video. The game was actually quite fun to play.

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That was some hillllarious

That was some hillllarious shit, i havn't laughed that hard in a while!!  Reminds me of those ROM-pit reviews on somethingawful.com


My two favorite games were Baby Moses and the Noah's Ark ripoff of Wolfenstein, sooooooo classic 

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I saved that video to my

I saved that video to my favorites. Man, those people that made those Bible games ripped off Zelda and Wolfenstein...


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Weird that I never saw those

Weird that I never saw those games being a video game nerd myself.  The video was funny but (and I'm not trying to be prudish) I can't appreciate someone spouting obscenities simply for the sake of doing it.  The actual reviews were hilarious, though.  And it was strange that none of those games made any real senseLaughing.

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I'm still confused over the

I'm still confused over the bible game without any connection to the bible, IMO I think it was slick marketing of a bad game to sell to fundie parents. Smiling

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