For what it's worth

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For what it's worth

Since I am new here and this forum specifically mentions introductions, I thought I would introduce myself for whatever it's worth.  My name is Michael, the same as the archangel mentioned in the Bible, thus my screen name archangelnamed.  I am a Christian (sorry, oh "rational" ones) and feel I am completely rational.  I am respectful of others beliefs in the sense that if I disagree, I will point out my point of contention and then let it go.  I have been perusing the forums and I am not sure there is much I can add as it seems most topics have been thoroughly discussed but I intend to post a few things in the hope that I am not "jesus freak #1,658,747.23" posting it.



"We did not follow cleverly invented stories..."
2 Peter 1:16
"Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you..."
Luke 1:3

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Well, welcome Michael...

Well, welcome Michael...

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Welcome Michael.  We're

Welcome Michael.  We're happy to have your thoughts and input.

We also truly hope you're not "jesus freak #1,658,747.23".  Laughing


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