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I wanted to just introduce myself as I have been a big fan of this site, Normal Bob Smith's site (, and (this site is hilarious) for a long time. I guess I am somewhat of a closet athiest (although my family and most of my coworkers know my thoughts on religion), I do not seek out confrontations with those of us that have yet to be enlightened. Anyway I probably will not be posting much as I am somewhat of a wallflower, but nonetheless I just wanted to make myself known. This site is a great service to other atheist out there and that by becoming more organized we can show other people that they are not alone in their beliefs.

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Welcome. I agree, it is nice

Welcome. I agree, it is nice to be able to interact with like-minded people. I am also shy when it comes to real-life discussions. Hopefully you wade into a few threads. Good to have you on board! Smiling

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Welcome, welcome,

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Glad to have you aboard!! tee hee 

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Welcome to the board!

Welcome to the board! Cool

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Welcome to community!  We

Welcome to community!  We hope your ride is a pleasant one!  and to quote the lord and master,"may your days be many, and your contact with stupidity limited"!

The darkness of godlessness lets wisdom shine.

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Welcome Hollywood

Welcome Hollywood Thriller!

Glad to have you here.

Feel free to lurk, but also feel free to jump in and discuss at any time!

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Welcome! Just some warning:


Just some warning: If you start to argue points in the forums, be ready to repeat yourself, alot, for just about every new theist who joins the board. (Sigh.)


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Hey welcome,


I love those sites as well, good choices. Smiling