Religious words are profane!

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It's giving me an error.

It's giving me an error. Sad

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MrRage wrote: It's giving

MrRage wrote:
It's giving me an error. Sad


This is what I got.

We are unable to locate the page you requested. The page may have moved or may no longer be available

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Ha! That's pretty funny. I

Ha! That's pretty funny. I think I'm going to have to adopt this method of cursing.


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Kind of reminds me of when I

Kind of reminds me of when I was little and actually believed - I thought saying "Jesus Christ" at all was "using God's name in vain." There was something on TV where a church was singing "Jesus Christ is Born" and I was expecting a knife to appear out of thin air and cut their throats! :ROTF: I was about 4.

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