My influances of comedy and sense of humor.

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My influances of comedy and sense of humor.

I have always loved  slap stick physical comedy.

I grew up on all the old Wanner Bros cartoons. Tom And Jerry, Three Stooges, site gage movies.

My favorite comedy media are as follows.


Ace Venturua


Top Secret

Loaded Weapon

TV shows......


Sledge Hammer

Night Court 


What are your favorite TV/Movie satires of all time? 


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In my opinion, the funniest

In my opinion, the funniest movie ever made was Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles". Something to offend everyone!

My favorite quote, "What's a dazzling suburbanite such as yourself doing in a rustic setting such as this?"

There's also "The Ruling Class" with Peter O'Toole which is a classic and very British humor.

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I laugh my ass off every

I laugh my ass off every time I watch This Is Spinal Tap. I love anything from Monty Python, Jim Carry, and Jack Black. And how can I forget, Futurama is the best TV show ever, just beating out the Colbert Report.