My Introduction.

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My Introduction.

Hello Everyone!

My name is T.J. Smith (Or you could call me by my full name, Thomas James Fredrick Smith). I'm from Kearney, NE. My interests are Computers (Everything dealing from hardware all the way to software, etc etc .) Video Games, and of course... Friends. Friends should of been put first but since my mind is focusing on the computer blah blah ... You get where I'm going, Hopefully.

Anyway. I was recently in the chat room with Lindy (Can't remember your username, But your on my myspace) "Chan_man", Sapient...(Brian), and alot of other people... one that sticks out was a guy named "Hellfiend". Anyway again, Was in there... First time ever.

Of course I have seen the Blasphemy challenge before and of course I kept putting it off (Well get to that later) (Still going to enter though.) Loved the Rational response squad the first day that I actually heard about them... the title "Sell your soul for a DVD". Made me giggle. See my religion background(If you can call it that) was merely me just studying religions... I hoped from one to another seeing how I would be able to react with everyone, etc... their "Worshipping" etc etc .

The list basically went like this:

1st: Pagan

2nd: Wiccan

3rd: Satanist

4th: Christian

The times that I was with each religion it was just studying them... I couldn't really find one that I really could "Respect". It was the fact that I am a man of science... Always have liked it and always will.

Let's go on to a story real quick though kids! (And Adults.)

Somewhere in august or September (My mind is bad at times, Shooting for august though) I moved in with a family with deep Christian values. I was a Christian at the time due to my friend Morgan, who I would really be no where in life without. The family (Wont say last name) was a great family... 2 Daughters, one son, and a wonderful mom! Then there was the father... "James" was his name. When i first asked him if i could move in i told him the exact truth (Which later on he would call a lie.) I told him that the town that i was previously living in was a terrible place and that for me to be financially stable i would need to move to a bigger city... The reason is, I needed to be close to alot of job places, that i could basically walk too. When i was younger a lot of things happened to me and basically to sum it up right now i have a fear of "Driving Cars". But yeah, moved in with them and he said that one of the requisites of moving in to the house was that I taught him everything i knew about computers (He was leaning on "evil" things though... and wanted to know how to disconnect people from yahoo or mess up their computers). I told him "Ok" at the time because I just needed to move. So I moved in with him and it was going pretty good... Then December came in and I started changing my views on Christianity... I just couldn't stand alot of the things religions were offering... saying that I am to praise a god that in the old days said it was ok to have slaves and beat them, and that if i didn't praise him he would send me to a fiery inferno of which i would suffer for all eternity. So i started reading up on alot of things dealing with science... And finally on December 31st, 2006 11:59 I sent out a mass txt(s) on my cell phone (About 50 People), Myspace, and a few other things... Basically summing it up to "As of this new year I will no longer be a Christian, I want to study up on something practical (Evolutionary Biology) and move my life ahead without fearing a "Almighty egotistical Bully". So next day... I wake up and go down stairs... the father is on the couch... tense as hell... And the daughter is in the kitchen (One of them ... the one who isn't afraid of guys... Don't ask.) She goes on to ask "Hey what your new years resolution" and i was like "Well I changed alot of the subjects i wanted to something that fits my lifestyle." And She asked "What to?" in which i just responded "Biology". All of a sudden the father turns down the tv and asks "I thought you wanted to study Evolutionary Biology?" In which i said, "yes thats the part I'm going study the most". Later on that Day he watched me like a hawk... I knew that he knew that i was officially an atheist. Next day comes along... later that night I'm on the computer working on a video game (Developing my own)... And he says that he doesn't want me on the computer anymore after 1 o' clock, He says that he want's his privacy in the basement... so I'm like "Ok". Few days later me and my friend are talking and i tell him about the computer thing... in which he replies "He doesn't trust you anymore". So I'm like... "Well thats just fine and dandy". Few days pass and I go down stairs... My computer is dismantled. My work for my game... lost. He has the hard drive and im not allowed to get anything off of it. Great. So i start asking him some questions in which he freaks out and starts a fight... I give him as much shit as he dishes out on me (And let me tell you he did not sound like a Christian during the whole fight... More f bomb's dropped then every south park show combined, including the movie.

So he threatens to kick me out, and I back off... A few weeks pass by and he starts another fight with me... Great. This time I keep telling him that "Hey James, I just want to resolve this" And he said "I don't"... I asked him why and he said bluntly that "Your a prick" and i brought me being up an atheist and he says "I don't care about your views, as far as I'm concerned you can burn in hell... not my fault that i tried to show you the magical garden and you look away". (This isn't the first time he calls me a prick either or says that im going to hell, etc etc .) So through the whole conversation I'm trying to talk nice to him... and he just keep's on saying "I don't want to resolve this", and i told him "The only way were going to stop fighting is if we resolve this" in which he then told me "Get the fuck out of my house".




So i call up my friends girlfriend eva, and talk to her... am like "Yo is moe there?" she says "I haven't seen him for a while *Giggle*" And I'm like "Well when you see him can you tell him that James just kicked me out"

Eva: "WHAT?!"

Eva: "HOLD ON!"
*Tap* *Scrabble* *Shizam* *Pop*

Moe: "DUDE WHAT?!"

TJ: "Yeah he kicked me out"

Moe: "Right now?!"

TJ: "Yeah im packing my crap up as we speak"

Moe: "Ill be there as soon as possible"

*Call mom and tell her whats going on*

Mom: *Insert exactly what every mother would say/do *Curse Curse * "Thats bullshit, etc."

*pack pack *

Friend got home later at 10 PM... he talked to the landlord and got him to make me stay until the morning, then he went back down later and got it bumped to the first of the month (Feb. 1st). So through all and all (Wow i typed alot of random crap) lets get basically my story down for the people who might be lost:

1. Name is TJ Smith, from Kearney, NE.

2. Was living with a Christian family... Decided to change my views on religion on new years... Whole family is fine with it (From what i see) except for the father.

3. The Father loses all trust in me, gets in to alot of fights, and calls me "Asshole", "Prick", and randomly says that Since i don't believe in the "magical Garden" that I'm going to hell.

4. Kicked out by the father because I tried to resolve differences with him.

5. Am now living in an apartment, ready to open a Rational Responders group in my local area.

So any questions at all... I'm a little not here at the moment because my mind is a little flooded with emotions, My nickname online is "Zook" or "Zookus" (Insert 0's on random sites sometimes, like

One of the articles I submitted was the most popular one on digg (Thanks to chan_man who gave me the url in the chat room the day brian talked to the lawyer "Edwin&quotEye-wink

Link to that article:

Any suggestions for me would also be great, as I'm always open to opinions, it's just when your trying to shove it down my throat is when I get pissed.

Much love,

-TJ Smith

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That's the Religion of Love

That's the Religion of Love for ya.

 "God is love'

"Jesus is forgiveness"

Yadda yadda yadda.  "Hate your next door neighbor but don't forget to say grace" (Barry McGuire, now "converted" to Christianity like Dylan is--they know where the money is). 

I shall continue to be an impossible person as long as those who are now possible remain possible. {Michael Bakunin 1814-1876}

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Welcome, TJ. I'm so sorry

Welcome, TJ.

I'm so sorry you've gone through all that.  Don't ya just love those fine xian values!  That guy sounds like a real piece of work.

 We're glad to have you aboard and look forward to having you here!


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Hey Buddy

Hey, first of all, fuck those dirty fucking christians. They just throw bitchfits whenever some people have other opinions than theirs. We are always here for you bro, and in some cases, with McD's fries Laughing out loud Peace Bro.

a·the·ist [ey-thee-ist] –noun a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.