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Hi all,

Thought I'd do a quick introduction. My name is Pat Craig, I'm 38 and have been a "real" atheist for about two or three months now. I say "real" because I've flirted with the concept in the past, along with Buddhism, Catholicism, Lutheranism, and agnosticism. I started out life a Baptist, abandoned that around 13 or so. I am saved by the Grace of God and going to Hell anyway! Right now I'm reading Baggini's _Atheism: A Very Short Introduction_ and it's giving my mind one hell of a workout. Man, what I didn't know about atheism! I am definitely off the fence, and on the side of rationality and reason.

I've communicated with you previously regarding the Blasphemy Challenge. A kick ass concept, to be sure, but as I've expressed, the introduction of the free DVD as - reward? - for the "ultimate sin" is an annoying complication. I sincerely hope that the blasphemies continue past the 1,000th act (the limit for the free DVD's).

I've been hearing stuff about some future project RRS is going to be doing involving recycling of Bibles. Is this true, and what exactly are you going to do with the Bibles when you get them? I'm really concerned that this is going to become a "book burning" done by atheists. Say it ain't so! Smiling

Take care,

Pat Craig