Hello and a good BBC documentary link

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Hello and a good BBC documentary link

I just saw your YouTube discussion with Richard Dawkins (superb) and just wanted to say hello from the UK and (if you haven't seen it already) point a link to your forum that may be of interest;
A really thought-provoking documentary called Did Jesus Die? aired here on our digital BBC4 a few times, if you can get hold of a copy. Basically a lot of compelling evidence that Jesus, if he existed, may have been some sort of Buddhist, who was picked out by wise men from the East like many Lamas, taught a pacifist philosophy utterly alien to Mediterranean traditions, survived the crucifixion and went to Afghanistan(!) to carry on preaching. Includes lots of evidence of New Testament contradictions and even a possible site for the tomb of Yus Assaf (as he became known). There's bits on YouTube but not complete film.

Love your Blasphemy campaign, don't think you realise how refreshing it is to know there are rational Americans over there and not just bible-thumping, monosyllabic hatemongers. Please keep up the debate, and the good work.

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Welcome Roly1976.  We're

Welcome Roly1976.  We're glad to have you aboard and look forward to hearing from you!

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Hey there Roly1976.  I

Hey there Roly1976.  I clicked on your link and read the story there.  Sounds interesting.  Anyway, welcome.Laughing