2007 Prediction!

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2007 Prediction!

I'm sure by now all of us are familiar with our "good friend" Pat Robertson and his prediction for 2007. However if you're not click the link below:


I have my own prediction, and no I haven't been talking to god. Infact the only lead I have on this is my own gut feeling. I predict that sometime this year your president (I say "your" president because I didn't vote for him) will do something so far out of line that his approval rating will drop to below 20%. I'm not sure what will happen, or who he'll piss off, but there it is. Let's wait and see...


P.S. What do I win if I'm right? Because I really need a new set of drill bits!!!

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I predict that Jesus will

I predict that Jesus will NOT return in 2007. Sticking out tongue

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I predict no evidence of

I predict no evidence of god will be found in 2007 -8 -9 -10 -11...


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I suppose it's not

I suppose it's not completely on topic, but I've been saying this on my myspace account since a couple of months after the elections... anyway, here's my prediction for the next 2 years (based on this crazy notion of studying patterns and making predictions based on past behaviors... what a concept!)

Bush's approval will continue to sag, and the Rethuglicans will continue to distance themselves from him, to the point that when campaign time comes around, select Rethuglican congressmen will be openly ridiculing him. All of this is for a purpose, kids...

When the Rethuglican primaries are over, the next candidate for president will be a moderate's moderate... a reasonable man with charisma and a masterful command of the language. I don't know who it will be, but it will be someone quite different from the Shrub.

The basic plan? Make the Shrub look so bad that they could run just about anybody and the poor voters will flock to him, just at the thought of never having to see the Shrub's cocky ass mug on tv again. Starve someone long enough, and shit on a shingle looks pretty good, you know?


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Hmmm, I predict people will

Hmmm, I predict people will predict things because I can't think of something to predict....

I just hope bush doesn't drag me into his actions... 

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I predict that Bush still

I predict that Bush still won't get impeached, despite at least a thousand reasons to impeach him.

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I predict that I will have

I predict that I will have many more bills to pay this year and I'll think of new, more creative reasons to put off cleaning my apartment.

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