Thought I'd introduce myself!

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Thought I'd introduce myself!

Hey everyone I'm Garza, I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland (a place of christian secretarian strife - not so much now though glady). Been lurking around your website for a few weeks now, very impressed with the work you are doing.
I feel sorry for you guys, because irrational religion is such a big thing in the USA, not so much here. Over here religious leaders stay away from politics and pray in silence in their churches like the monks of old. Christainity is fading away here in Europe, it seems the USA is an anomoly of sorts when it comes to religion, which is why I respect you guys for standing up and being counted!

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Welcome to the hizzle fo

Welcome to the hizzle fo shizzle. I heard about it being like that in Europe - if you say you're an atheist it's no big deal, if you say you're a born again Christian people look at you like you're from another planet. In the US it's the other way around.

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