Hello! (Introduction)

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Hello! (Introduction)

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to drop an intro and to say hello. I am a lifelong atheist from Canada (in case the username didn't spell it out! Smiling )
I work full time at a day job and part time as a web designer.
I come from a rather atheist upbringing. While we had Xmas, it certainly had nothing to do with Christ..it was all about kids getting gifts and families getting together. This is pretty much the Canadian standard these days. Not many people here are devout Christians or devout anything really.
Primarily our country is quite secular. There were moanings from the religious right, but fortunately good old Canadian apathy prevented any real setbacks into Christian leanings. With our rather diverse population, secularism is the only rational method of governance.
Now there are still some small towns that do a 'Lords Prayer' and what-not before town functions, but generally they stop when challenged to do so.
What does concern most atheist/agnostic/rational Canadians is the possible influx of the neo-con movement from the USA. While the US government uses Christianity as a political tool for the sheeple, we get a little nervous here when it seems to gain popularity. If our Prime Minister ever stated that God spoke to him...he'd be done in a heartbeat.
I've managed to convince a few theist friends of mine that atheists are nothing to fear. Primarily because we don't really care what they do..as long as it doesn't affect us. Atheists, I tell them, may one day be their 'saving grace' since we will not only try and stop their religion from running roughshod over the populace, but we would do what we could to stop any other religion from doing the same.
There seems to be a growing worry amongst Christians that Islam is trying to take over. It stands to reason then, the Christians should try and count atheists as friends in order to prevent this (imagined) threat.
A great number of Canadians view the current War on Terror as a defacto religious war. When Canada refused to participate in the Iraq invasion, we were immediately ostracized by the US. It turns out, however, that it may have been the best call by any government in our history.
Canadians by and large take religion with a grain of salt. We have legal abortion, legal gay marriage and no prerequisite for religious affiliation or icons in government services or ceremonies. There was a momentary roar from the Christians when the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal (although it did say churches could not be forced to participate). A few months later...no one cared either way. In fact we always thought that if gays wanted in on the worst idea from the straight world....who were we to stop them?
The earth didn't open up and swallow Canada whole, straight marriages were in no way, shape or form affected and life went on exactly as it did before....just like the atheists predicted.

I certainly do not 'preach' the atheist way to anyone. It's just my thing. I hope theists respect my way as much as they want me to respect theirs. Just because I don't agree with you, it doesn't mean I will not stand up for your right to be wrong.

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Welcome RationalCanuk. 

Welcome RationalCanuk.  We're glad to have you aboard and looking forward to having you post.