Newbie Introduction

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Newbie Introduction

Newbie saying "Hi" to everyone.

I'm elated to finally make my decision to "come out of the closet" about my atheist beliefs. I can no longer keep quiet about the way I think/feel anymore. I'm a 38 yr old family man in a small town in Iowa and I've been so disgusted with theism for such a long time that I can't take it anymore. There are a few select friends/family that know I am atheist, but I've decided not to hide my atheism anymore. It may cause some hard feelings with certain family/friends but I can not control others feelings/beliefs/actions so I've decided not to worry about it any longer, I will proudly tell anyone about my beliefs if asked from this point on! I've joined a few atheist groups in the last few days (on-line ones) and plan on attending a few gatherings/meetings in the near future to finally have some stimulating conversation with others that believe as I do, and I'm really looking forward to it. I plan on getting involved in the seperation of church and state issue in politics, and previously I have never registered/voted in any election of any type, but I plan on doing so from now on with that issue being my main focus along with a few others.

Anyway, before I get into too much of a ramble here, it's nice to be here and I'm looking forward to visiting this site/forums on a regular basis from now on. I'll be around.

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Welcome to the site, you'll

Welcome to the site, you'll fit right in here.  =)

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Welcome, neighbor! Iowa &

Welcome, neighbor!

Iowa & Missouri.  Both right smack dab in the middle of the bible belt.  Ain't it grand? 

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Welcome aboard!!!! (pun???

Welcome aboard!!!!

(pun??? bad pun??) 

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Greetings and welcome from

Greetings and welcome from Ames, Iowa Smiling