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Hey there...

I've been an atheist for 5 years (6 on the 1st), and have loved every second of it. While there is a rise in evangelical Christianity in America today, more people (especially teens) are denouncing their faith when presented with the evidence against it. The Rational Response Squad is doing a great job of this promotion, and I wanted to say thanks to all responsable. I am doing all I can to promote atheism and freethought both in my social life as well as through my music. I'll have a myspace page up for it at some point in the near future, and you can be sure I'll let all those at the RRS know, in case you're in the mood for some atheistic metal! :^)
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Hi Blackthorn It's good to

Hi Blackthorn Laughing It's good to hear that you are seeing changes with young people but, as you already know, it is way too soon to pat each other on the back just yet.

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Blackthorn, thanks for the

Blackthorn, thanks for the kudos and welcome to our little home of reason.  Definetly keep us informed and please stick around, we need more like you!

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