I've actually heard a new one! You'll love this.

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I've actually heard a new one! You'll love this.

I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine who travels regularly to South Carolina, and he told me of a biblical defense that he heard on God Radio while driving last weekend. I've never heard this one before, and I admit, I cackled when I heard it.

So, you're familiar with the story of Lot where the men came to rape Lot's male guest, and Lot begged them to please not dishonor him that way. Instead, he offered his daughters. This is often cited as an example of God being a real dickweed, and this pastor gave the most ignorantly elegant explanation of it I've ever heard.

You ready?

God hates fags so much that he told Lot to offer up his daughters because gay sex is so bad that rape is preferable, and it was better that the women experience forced straight sex than the men to be forced into gay sex. You see, there were laws that if the women got pregnant, the rapists would have to marry them, and that would make the whole thing ok.

This is being preached in the United States of Jesus in the year 2006 of Our Lord and Savior. We should all be afraid.

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I'd be more scared if I

I'd be more scared if I wasn't so laughing.

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Hambydammit wrote: This is

Hambydammit wrote:
This is often cited as an example of God being a real dickweed, 


If that is their explanation, than I do not see how this exlpanation will actually justify his actions....

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Holy fucking A!

Holy fucking A! Jawdropping!

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I hate this so much.  Why

I hate this so much.  Why are those kinds of people allowed to be on the radio.

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That's kinda scary. Rape

That's kinda scary. Rape over gay sex? It's hilarious and disturbing at the same time. But I think it's disturbing mostly...