See How They Run!

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See How They Run!

todangst wrote:

actually, I think I've made my point.. the specifics of his ad hoc rationalizations are immaterial, what matters is that there are other theists who argue the precise opposite, using the same bible..... That's the issue he needs to explore. So far, his analysis of this phenomena amounts to just writing them off entirely.... but the reality is, if he were born into a house of 'faith only"-ites, he'd be arguing the other side with the same zeal, and the same modus operandi... So my point here is that the method is the madness... ad hoc rationalizations don't cut it...

Todangst, you use phrases like "ad hoc rationalizations" and "modus operandi" because you are very intelligent. Unfortunately, this does not make you wise. I find it funny that one of the greatest supporters of open-minded thought could so easily rule out the possibility of a higher power, but that's the beauty of what God has given mankind: free will and choice.

Whether you consider it "ad hoc" or not, life is dictated by personal choices. You may try and "rationalize" otherwise, but we each choose to live our lives how we choose to do so. God has given us a choice my friend, we are either with him or against him (Matthew 12:40). God gives us an ultimatum here, and no matter how you look at it, this requires a choice. It doesn't matter if we like it or not, we either choose to be with God, or choose to not be with God.

You have chosen to not be with God by not even acknowleging his presence, but that is just fine. You have that God-given right to do this. This does not make you right, but you have the right to believe or not believe whatever you want or don't want to believe.

Sapient, although you did not want to come across as a "good guy," as you say you believe the same as todangst does, you showed respect and decency, and that to me is very encouraging. Through your kindness I saw God in you, whether you acknowledge it or not, and I want you to know that this has inspired me to be an even better Christian.

I hope for all of your sakes that you keep up your fight! Continue to try and disprove the Bible and the existance of God! If you are sincere, you will find the truth one day. Just don't make the same mistake that you mock many "Christians" for making: don't tangle emotion and feelings with fact and truth. With this in mind, you will one day find what you're looking for.

Thank you all again for your time, I really appreciate the discussions we've had. If in the future you wish to talk again, simply post in this forum. I'll check back periodically to see. If you have a reaction to this post, I would very much like to see it, but if you choose Eye-wink not to post, then I can only leave it at that.

Choose well the way you live your lives my friends! Eye-wink I only pray you choose to make the right choices! Peace

Well, it kind of reminds me of that basketball player who ran across the court, bitch slapped the other dude, and then ran as fast as he could back to half court. Did anybody see that the other night? Very funny.

Once again, I'm amused and disheartened at the same time, watching yet another head go into the sand rather than face a real argument.


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