Good news on Heaven

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Good news on Heaven

According to a blog on it has been determined that if you have not yet blasphemed the holy spirit you may want to reconsider Christianity. It has been reasoned as a matter of closed argument that you will in fact KNOW and remember your loved ones when you get to Heaven(assuming you interpreted the special book correctly). In a brilliant stroke of biblical reasoning Judah_1966 used scripture to cleary show that Peter and John knew who Moses and Elija were at the transfiguration of Christ despite having never seen a picture of them. It follows that we will have innate knowledge of all of our Christian brothers and sisters. The status of atheists and aborted babies has yet to be determined.

I'm doing a little pilot study on trends in ideas on Christian websites. It really is beyond belief how utterly crazy some of the musings are on different theological questions. But without a doubt, when it comes to Heaven that's when believers really kick the wishful thinking into high gear. If you're ever bored and want a good laugh take a look sometime at any of the dozens of Christian blog sites and do a key word search for Heaven.


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On the surface this does

On the surface this does sound like good news... but what about those annoying friends and family members I try to avoid? It wouldn't really be very blissful to spend the rest of eternity unable to hide from them, would it?