Anti-War/Zionism and the problem with Christians

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Anti-War/Zionism and the problem with Christians

I have a large anti-war site (well not so big about a million peole a month, but growing) I have a section to explain a person's religious beliefs as we all know that politics and religion overlap, if anything else Religious instiutions rake in billions of tax free dollars which they can use to lobby and religions like Christianity and Judaism have been used to justify everything from Manifest Destiny and killing Native Americans to the current Fascist state of Israel).

I am glad to see my anti-neocons site is growing in readership and participation especially among Muslims. What baffles me is, where are all the Christians? Sure we have a few but come on given the make up of most English speaking countries, they should be the overwhelming majority. I hope my Atheism didn"t scare them away. You know people can agree on politics regardless of which invisible man or lack there of they beleve in.

I have a feeling that I know where most the Christians are, those not following Bush and wrapped up in a more fairly tale like appealing of an Alex Jones type which can keep the dichotomy of good verses evil and remove all blame from mainstream Christian Churches for supporting Zionism (something he wont even mention on any of his sites) which is a reality, you can check any major sect and trace the money online. Here I have already done it.

I am going to be realistic, and not ask people to drop the perversion of sunworhip all together, but I am wondering if I should start making excuses for christians in such away to get them to support anti-zionsim but avoid their responsibility and complicity in supporting it?

I am just being prgmatic here. Face it one tiny wing of the Christians and Jews is all Bush and company have left. How do we get them to drop their support? It wont be by explaining that their religion is a bunch of bullshit, that is just not going to fly and if you ever talk to a person defending their religion its like talking about who would win between star trek and star wars to one of the cult-like fans of either one. Reason and evidence have left the building and emotional hissy-fits and rationalizations are all you are left with.

"I knw unicorns are real because I saw one in this picture book. How could a person draw one if they were not real? His idea had to come from somewhere and something can"t come from nothing so he must has seen a real unicorn. " That is the kind of back-ass logic you come across. Or when it says to beat your slaves with a rod (Ex 21:20) when they disobey but not to kill them, what it really means is ....uh not to beat your slaves...or um I mean not to have slaves... or um see the word "slave" actually means the devil and it is talking about breaking bad habits."

riiight or the book was written by a man and it IS about slaves as is evident by the over 1,800 years practise of owning them and about 50 bible passages, and the reason it is wrong is because (a) there is no god or (b) even if there was a god it had nothing to do with the writing of the bible. (which is clear my the thousands of mistakes and insane/immoral claims made in it. Or (c) there is a god and it is one sadistic fuck.

The answer is both (a) and (c) because in a way there is a god (as much as there is a Santa Claus) there is an idea which deeply effects how people behave and it is on the whole, enormously unhealthy and sadistic.

Warning, religiousity increases the risk of religious terrorism. or

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Where are all the Christians?

It seems to me that our missing Christians are not really "missing" as much as they are *avoiding* sites such as these...

Confession: I am, in a way, a Christian.

The qualifier here is "in a way." What I believe, I take on faith and faith alone. I don't believe that the Bible is anything more exciting than a collection of stories (chosen by Constantine if my memory serves) and anyone who bases their entire life off of it seriously needs a reality check. However, I do take on faith that there is someone or something out there that is larger than myself. I don't know if he or she is named "God" or could even be called "he or she"... after all, who knows?

So, why, as a "Christian," do I not avoid these sites or remain "missing"? It is because I actively force myself to separate the reality around me (which affects others as well as myself) and the faith that exists only to me, affecting only me. I don't let our retard of a president and his Bible thumping pals dictate my morals. I don't think that anyone but myself and my logic and compassion should tell me what is right and what is wrong... I believe in same-gender unions, I'm pro-choice, and a feminist. However, I celebrate Christmas in an idealistic sense (that there was once someone on this planet that believed we were all worth something) and I'm not ashamed to say that I believe in a God, however you see her/him.

Our missing Christians 9 times out of 10 believe what they are told, immediately and at face value. They don't know how to handle sites that go so bluntly against what they've been exposed to before and even if they were willing to read something against what they know, they can only use their faith to back them up. These "missing" Christians are those who can never separate their world from everyone else's world. What is true for them must be true for everyone else and anyone who disagrees obviously hasn't heard Bible passages enough Barf! ...

I understand letting your beliefs guide you but why should *your* beliefs punish someone else?

Anyway, here's to the death of country-wide ignorance and blindly accepting what we think we see...

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Hi Suriana, I have a friend

Hi Suriana,
I have a friend that would identify with your philosophy very much so. She's "Christian" in a sense too. She doesn't really believe in the bible but thinks that Jesus' message was good and should be remembered. (She believes there was an historical Jesus that the bible speaks of). She also has friends from all walks of life and is very open-minded. When I showed her this site, she thought it was great how Rook could retaliate with real knowledge, yet she still believes what she wants. I think it may have a lot to do with the way she was raised. Let's just say a very strict religious upbringing because she asked me never to tell anyone of her childhood. So the reason I'm telling you this is because I feel like I can understand a bit where you are coming from even though any kind of god belief is irrational IMO. I just wish if people were going to have a god belief that they could be more like you. But at the same time I feel like if I were speaking to my friend that I would still want her to look at things a bit more critically. Sorry for the rant, you just totally reminded me of everything we talked about a while ago. Smiling