Susan's Theory on the Intelligence and Educational Level of Xians

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Susan's Theory on the Intelligence and Educational Level of Xians

Whether you call it a theory, assertions or a hypothesis, it all comes down to the same thing.

Here are some examples of the intelligence and eduational levels of xians. Names have been exluded to protect the ignorant.

I just love how they put something innocuous in the subject line to be sure the message will be read.

- - - - - - - - -

Subject: hi there
Body: well, id like to say that your picture is completely wrong Smiling.

the God who wanst there?
hmmm, i dont recall anymoment of my life where I felt without God.

I truly wish this person would learn the joys of apostrophes and capitalization.

Subject: gosh.....
Body: i so happy living my life with god!!! my life is so wonderful!!!........

just thought that you should know.....

"i so happy" All rightie then! Also, elipsis is only three periods.

Subject: I have
Body: so many equations of how God is nothing. But I will tell you this.. without God, there would be a deep sadness and dark emptiness in my family. Even the family I feel do not care one bit for my life. what is possible, but complete disaster is.. NOTHING to equal EMPTY. EVERYTHING STARTS FROM NOTHING. Think about that.. and as for The God who wasn't there.. I will say it is my Grandpa who's name I do carry on.. but biblicaly I am the LAST.. and yet I AM DYING TO LIVE.. BUT IN REALITY I AM ONLY LIVING TO DIE.. I can't think what John thought.. I can only know what John thinks, please do come by, I will be waiting. Dead on arrival.

"Equations" of how god is nothing? I don't even understand the sentence about "Even the family I feel do not care one bit for my life." Not to mention the part about not being able to think what John thought.

Subject: No Subject
Body: You should be ashamed of yourself you damn freak you should jump off a bridge if you hate god so much actually you dont even believe in god so go ahead end your life...TAKE A KNIFE AND GO RUN INTO IT!!!!!!! If There wasn't a god how did you get here hmmmmm?!?!?!?!? Yeah your gonna say my parents no it's not just about science and shit how did they get here and so on it had to start from something!!!!! Why don't you go put that in your fucking book!

Punctuation! Punctuation! Not to mention the foul language. Yes, this is obviously from a good and loving xian.

I'm not sure what not believing in a god has to do with suicide either. However, with the suggestions given, I'm not sure if this person prefers that I jump off a bridge or gut myself.

This person also thinks that The God Who Wasn't There is a book. Duh.

Subject: No Subject
Body: youre gay

I'm not sure what point the sender of this message was trying to make. Puzzled

Subject: No Subject
Body: It's kind of funny just thinking about how many people will go to hell because of false teachings. Jesus wasn't human, can humans bleed only water? How about reading the Bible and getting facts straight. Keep in mind that when all is said and done "every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess to God" Romans 14:11. Although you may not respond back to this message, just know that its only a matter of time before the end comes. Keep in touch.

I'm not sure what the sender of this message was trying to say when this person asked if humans bleed only water. Also, I thought that xians believed that god sent his son to earth as a human. In which case, this person does not know their bible. Of course, this person also thinks that the bible has the straight facts.

- - - - - - - - -

Subject: haha
Body: Bowling for Columbine did it to the gun culture. Super Size Me did it to fast food. you really beliueve that? u ghave been brain washed Michael Moore is the most liberal man on the face of this earth, he did it to make money same with the guy for super size me so just shut up

Beliueve? Ghave? Brainwashed is one word, not two. It would also be advisable for this person to end a sentence with a period before going on to the next sentence.

Subject: hey fag
Body: go suck a cock

Again someone uses a gay reference. I wonder if the suggestion would hold true if the reader of the message is straight.

Subject: No Subject
Body: man, i feel sorry for ya'll, but i will pray for u, kuse if u dont change ur wayz, u will pay,god bless ya'll

Kuse? Wayz? Capitalization, please! Do these people not realize that 'u' is spelled 'you"? These are not IM messages, so spelling, punctuation and grammar count!

Subject: ARGGGGG
Body: Im truely disqusted as a christian i had 2 pray. I see u question god now he said it in the bible that people would question his existance .. HOw do u explain that prophecy brother... second People like you really need 2 start having faith in somthin real not all this crap u think is real third the true people of god will b with him again wen the seven years of tribulation begins and finishes i know u will not b on our side(JESUS CHRIST) well i pray on ur soul cuz u will one day see the error in your ways and feel the wrath of god but untill then Bye

This person obviously doesn't understand that the reader might not be able to understand where one sentence ends and the next begins. First this person indicates that we will not be on the same "side" and then goes on to say that one day I will see the error of my ways.

I just hope this person eventually sees the error of their ways instead.

Subject: No Subject
Body: your stupid god is real and is here, you just can't feel him becuz you aren't saved

I love this one. Without the proper punctuation and capitalization, this person started the message with "your stupid god."

Subject: love will set us all free from bondage
Body: god has revealed many things to me and has shown me certain signs. believe me my friend. my earthly brother. god is real for i am witness myself to his glorious presence. and have seen his good works.
one day your fellow christian brother

Naturally this person doesn't share any of the "things" or "signs" that might make any of us change our minds. I guess we're supposed to take this person's word for it.

Subject: just think about this
Body: Please tell me, why is your idea the right one?
It's still an opinion, just like lots of believes are.
With this crapp you are repeating history.
Man.. Where are the intelligent people...

Believes? This person wonders where the intelligent people are. They are obviously not in the xian community.

Subject: No Subject
Body: its awesome that you have to make a career by trashing other peoples beliefs i hope your happy about making the world an even worst place than it already is you ass hole

YOU'RE! Dammit! It's YOU'RE, not your. tsk-tsk We have here another message with no sentence endings or beginnings. Not to mention, asshole is one word, not two. If you wish to call me a name, please use the correct terminology.

Subject: Rachel
Body: So the movie is just to make people believe that Jesus dosent exist?..... The Only Problem with that theory is he is... He is as alive as ever! And i know that because i am in his Prsence nearly every night. His word is alive too and it speaks to his people all over the world. As a matter of fact he is comming soon to take his true followers and the ones who love him home. this is the facts. And if youa are curious about any of thi or anything else read the BIBLE the word of god covers the begining of the world including the creation of the world to the very end. every event that has ever taken place... like The Twin towers, Hitler, all the wars,and every other incident that is recorded in history is in the word of God, He evin tells his people that satan will decieve people in to believing the "facts" about how theit is no god so what would you just call that a big coinsedence. Any one who has truly found god could never believe that cause thay have spoken to god so they know he exists, we dont half to see him to believe in him. if we did their would be no need for FAITH. Im not someone of an argumenative spirit but i strongly was led by god so tell you that you are being decieved my brother, by satan and this is your sign! please write me back. Peace and love to you alwayse!

Dosent? This person has lower case 'i', but capitalized The Twin towers? Of course, we don't "half" to see him anyway. I like the argument that if we could see god, there would be no need for faith.

Subject: !WHATS UP!
Body: jesus loves you even though you mock him,that aint nothing to play with!

Do none of these people have a shift key for upper case letters within the body of the message?

Subject: No Subject
Body: "And God simply isn't there"

I'm not sure what kind of life you have had but I'm sure if you really looked deep inside your soul and opened your eyes you would realize God is there and he see's what you are doing. For its people like you that make disasters of this world, God isn't pleased with what your doing thats why he damages this world so much, he's trying to show you that you need to open your eyes and know he is real. I will pray for your soul, and hope that you wont be sent to misery when he comes back to gather his children. I haven't seen the movie or anything and i dont want to offend you but its my duty as a christian to spread the word, goodnight and God bless.

This person writes "see's" but leaves the apostrophe out of "its" and "thats."

We atheists are now being blamed for the "disasters of the world." Apparently we are blamed for all the misfortune visited on xians which doesn't make a bit of sense.

Subject: hey
Body: did you ever believe in God? weather or not u have, i think you should really come to know Him. thats my opinion. if you ever, and i mean ever, change your mind about your beliefs, ill try to help you, but the main change had to be within urself if u ever choose to change.

Weather or not?

Subject: yup
Body: you havent lived long enough to know any better

I am much older than the sender of this message. That person didn't pay attention to my profile.

Subject: whats good!
Body: Why you gotta attack something that people believe in, let people be. I mean thats kinda bullshit cuz Im sending you this and not letting you be; but 4real mu nigga!! let people be! that shit important. Everyone has a journy 2 take; some are not ready 2 move on from this earth plane and some are going towards it; but the story behind this man jesus is one of insperation; The problem is that humans dont know how 2 control or even comprehend the deepth of our human evolution; so before you go attacking an idea that some hold sacred 2 there hearts is wrong. People will do wrong and they will use whatever they can 2 get away with it; show me one human being tha isnt guilty of doin so and I'll show you someone who has. You may have your own ideas and beiliefs; now who am I 2 tell you what 2 believe in; and thats why Im not; if you feel like this is something you gotta do then more power 2 you but dont feel like this is something positive cuz its not; your trying 2 stop people from finding a way 2 connect 2 the god force by another spirit which in this case is jesus christ; when in reality all we need 2 do is find oursleves; its not easy but its a journy we all have 2 take but we get cought up with trying 2 defend and stand up for things that dont belong 2 us; they belong 2 god; we gotta let everyone be themsleves and respect them not attack them for what they belive in. And by the way I dont mean no disrespect; cuz I see what your trying 2 do I just dont see anything posotive about it.

You have to give this person credit for quite a bit of backpeddling. First, this person insists that I leave people be and in the next sentence indicates that he realizes he is not letting us be. Also, the part about "now who am I 2 tell you what 2 believe in; and thats why Im not;" seems to be contradictory because that's exactly what this person is doing.

I won't even begin to correct the spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors in this one.

Last but not least:


Did the sender of this message really think I would be persuaded to allow him to make it "woth my wild?"

"Susan's Theory on the Intelligence and Educational Level of Xians" seems to be upheld.

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I had to stop there, I just started laughing like a maniac.

youre gay

Couldn't even make a two word sentence without messing it up!

Also, I thought that xians believed that god sent his son to earth as a human.

I thought Jesus was a dog.

I see u question god now he said it in the bible that people would question his existance .. HOw do u explain that prophecy brother...

I say that people won't hold ME as the one true dog, erm god.
Ha, It's true, therefore I am *thinks* GOD!

your stupid god is real and is here, you just can't feel him becuz you aren't saved

What? I'll tell Horus

that aint nothing to play with!

*Counts the negatives*
Okay I'll keep playin' with it.

i think you should really come to know Him.

Thank goodness that this person spelled 'come' right.

Excellent read, BTW.

AImboden wrote:
I'm not going to PM my agreement just because one tucan has pms.

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Religiosity and intelligence is a subject that studies the correlation, if any, between religiosity and intelligence.

Topics dealing with the measurement of intelligence are often controversial. Critics in these areas examine the validity and fairness of cognitive testing, as well as the problems in the definition and operationalization of the other measurements under discussion, in this case religiosity. Many of the issues pertaining to the investigation of group differences in intelligence vis-à-vis religiosity are also raised in the investigation of race and intelligence—a better established, though even more controversial, area of intelligence research.

In scientific research, correlations can't be automatically assumed to imply causation: even if a positive or negative correlation can be found between intelligence and religiosity, it doesn't mean that one is causing the other. (See also: spurious relationship; and the logical fallacy: correlation implies causation).

In 1986, the magazine Sceptic summarized studies on religiosity and intelligence [1]

All but four of the forty-three polls listed support the conclusion that native intelligence varies inversely with degree of religious faith; i.e., that, other factors being equal, the more intelligent a person is, the less religious he/she is.


In this essay:

1. sixteen studies of the correlation between individual measures of student intelligence and religiosity, all but three of which reported an inverse correlation.
2. five studies reporting that student bodies with high average IQ and/or SAT scores are far less religious than lower-scoring student bodies;
3. three studies reporting that geniuses (IQ 3+ standard deviations above average) are much less religious than the general public;
4. seven studies reporting that highly successful persons are much less religious in belief than are others; and
5. eight old and four new Gallup polls revealing that college alumni (average IQ about one standard deviation above average) are much less religious in belief than are grade-school pollees.

Some examples from this overview:

One study of a group with IQs over 140 found that of men, 10 percent held strong religious belief, of women 18 percent (Terman, 1959). Sixty-two percent of men and 57 percent of women claimed "little religious inclination" while 28 percent of the men and 23 percent of the women claimed it was "not at all important."

A study of Mensa members found that they had fewer religious beliefs than the typical American college alumnus or adult (Southern and Plant, 1968). It is not clear whether Mensa members are representative of high-IQ people in this regard.

Students attending higher-ranked schools have fewer religious beliefs than those attending lower-ranked schools (Caplovitz and Sherrow, 1977). (It should be noted, however, that the ranking of schools is a highly debated issue, and most highly-ranked schools in this survey came from states that were generally less religious.)

Five of these studies concerned how liberal or conservative a person's religious views were, as opposed to whether a person was or was not religious in the first place. For example, among eminent scientists, Lehman and Witty (1931) found that Unitarians were most overrepresented with 81 times the proportion of Unitarians in the U.S. population. Quakers were second with 7 times the corresponding proportion.

An article in Explorations: An undergraduate research journal (2004) found, while noting that the unrepresentative sample limited generalizations, no significant correlation between religiosity levels and IQ scores. However, a significant negative correlation with self-reported Quantitative SAT (QSAT) scores. The author suggests that the SAT scores reflect learned rather than inherent reasoning ability and that "the negative associations among QSAT, religiosity, and prayer fulfillment may be due to learned skills in reasoning, perhaps influenced in the home by the father’s education level."[2]

[edit] Beliefs among scientists

In one study, 90% of the general population surveyed professed a distinct belief in a personal god and afterlife, while only 40% of the scientists with a BS surveyed did so, and only 10% of those considered "eminent."[2]. Another study found that mathematicians were just over 40%, biologists just under 30%, and physicists were barely over 20% likely to believe in God.[3]

Nearly 38 percent of natural scientists -- people in disciplines like physics, chemistry and biology -- said they do not believe in God. Only 31 percent of the social scientists do not believe.[3]

A 1998 survey[4] by Larson and Witham of the 517 members of the United States National Academy of Sciences showed that 72.2% of the members expressed "personal disbelief" in a personal God while 20.8% expressed "doubt or agnosticism" and only 7.0% expressed "personal belief". This was a follow-up to their own earlier 1996 study[5] which itself was a follow-up to a 1916 study by James Leuba[6].

[edit] United States

A June 2006 Gallup survey stated, "Seventy-two percent of Americans are certain there is a God and have no doubts, while another 14% think that God probably exists and have only a few doubts. Only 3% are certain that God does not exist. There are no significant differences in belief in God by age. Men, those living in the East and West, those who are college graduates, and those with high incomes are less likely to believe in God than others." [4]

[edit] Reported "importance of religion" and statistics among nations

The Pew Global Attitudes Project surveyed opinions by nation with the question "How important is religion in your life—very important, somewhat important, not too important, or not at all important?"[5] The report finds that Americans are much more religious than people living in other wealthy nations. In the U.S., 59% of people reported religion was "very important", as compared to 30% in Canada. In this way, the views of Americans are more simliar to people in developing countries than those in developed countries. The study found a correlation between the percentage of people reporting that religion was "very important" and the national per-capita GDP. It can be further stated that the nations who scored as most religious tended to have low science scores according to TIMSS.[6] Also an inverse correlation at Nationmaster can be found between mathematical literacy and church attendance[7]. (Although labor regulation and police per capita were far stronger inverse correlations) No significant inverse correlation showed up for scientific literacy[8] or reading literacy[9] however.

Please donate to one of these highly rated charities to help impede the GOP attack on America 2017-2019.

Support our activism efforts by making your Amazon purchases via this link.

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Sapient wrote: All but

Sapient wrote:

All but four of the forty-three polls listed support the conclusion that native intelligence varies inversely with degree of religious faith; i.e., that, other factors being equal, the more intelligent a person is, the less religious he/she is.

I'm glad to know Wikipedia agrees with my findings. Laughing out loud

I may have to post that link as an answer to some of the messages I get. No reply message, just the link. Since some of these folks aren't too intelligent in the first place, that ought to keep them guessing.

Thanks so much, Sapient. I had no idea this subject matter had already been studied and documented. Apparently I need to Google more often. (Yes, "Google" is now considered a verb.)

[Edit to correct "documents" to "documented" - author's apolgies!]

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Susan, these tender little

Susan, these tender little nuggets of religious wisdom are solid gold. Thanks for the laugh. I would also like to provide the following reference material:

Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine

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Thanks! That provided a

Thanks! That provided a great howl of laughter.

I especially like "Plural: All the cat's are out of the bag. - NO! WRONG! Totally wrong! Where'd you learn this? STOP DOING IT!"

I agree wholeheartedly!

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Here are some posts on

Here are some posts on youtube in response to a blaspheme challenge. I think you got something there, Susan. (I'm dirtgirl, btw. I was on a break from gardening when I signed up for youtube).

rebelmisft (5 days ago)
Thats where you are wrong. It was people like you that thought they knew everything that would do such stupid things. You think our society has reach the full extent of knowledge. Instead, we put our faith into little magic pills now. Which you may be addicted to. Creationism CAN NOT be proven wrong. No scientist has been successful at doing so. Actually, some scientists are coverting for that exact reason. Arrogance and anger blinds YOU! Your not as smart as you think.

dirtgirl5998 (3 days ago)
Read much?

rebelmisft (3 days ago)
"Dar ferrr?" You are a retard.

dirtgirl5998 (2 days ago)
I'm assuming you are a Christian. So, therefore, you have just shown every one that you cannot back up your bullshit with facts and need to resort to name calling. A mentally retarded person would have one up on you because you believe in an invisible friend.

dantrenner (1 day ago)
I agree that name calling is stupid, but there's a cure for ignorance while stupidity is a terminal condition. Let's see any one of you atheists argue with Apologetics Press scholarly treatises on these very subjects. You haven't even begun to think till you grapple with one of them.

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Susan wrote:"Susan's Theory

Susan wrote:
"Susan's Theory on the Intelligence and Educational Level of Xians" seems to be upheld. - check the link for more Xian stupids. Smiling It is fun.

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I loved some of them - "Your

I loved some of them - "Your stupid god is real" - I don't have a stupid god. You do, but he is fake.

"your gay" - that's a sentence fragment - my gay what?

And incidentally, why would someone tell a woman she is gay and then tell her to suck a cock? Someone mustn't read profiles.

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