Damn You Jefferson, By Brian37

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Damn You Jefferson, By Brian37

Damn You Jefferson, By Brian37

Fuck fuck fuck
Doesn't freedom suck
Why did he allow me
To raise such potty muck

God fucking damn it
Falwell hates my guts
He can bitch and moan
But never will he sew
My freedom lips shut

Oh some one said fag
Evangelicals playing victim
Fuck you Jefferson
For allowing such criticism

Oh my God
Taboos grow like weeds
Both left and right
Want to dictate
What freedom means

Dont talk about Allah
Protect Jesus at all costs
Atheists need protection
And all our freedom lost

Thank you Jefferson
For fucking everything up
All I wanted was silence
Where only I get to say what I want

You're a fucking asshole
Allowing me to write this
How dare the Constitution
Protect these obcene words

I hope you rot in Hell
You virgin denying prick
You allowed atheists citizenship
And that makes fundies sick

But do me a favor
Shut that Fucker Falwell up too
I cant stand that son of a bitch
You gave him freedom too

You took away our nipples
And gave us responsiblilty
To not kill over mere words
That all can have their say

You set the sysetm up
To favor Jesus over all
Socialist Jesus freaks
Use goverment to pay for all

No I am wrong
It was for Evangelicals
So they could gang tag everything
In every government hall

You fucking asshole Jefferson
How dare you errect a wall
Give us all a voice
And bitch about what is wrong

Voltair can suck my dick
I dont want to think for myself
I want to be politically correct
And tell others what to think

Thank you for this freedom
I dont like thinking for myself
I want a word of clones
That look and act like me

Jesus and not you
Wrote our constitution
And pricks like you
Gave atheists the right to dissagree

Please let them gang tag
Goverment buildings with a cross
Just like the Middle East
Where Allah is the boss

Dont say fag
Dont say nigger
Dont you bash Jesus
Or atheists either

You fucking prick Jefferson
What am I going to do
I am responsible for myself?
And not what others do?

I wish I didn't have these rights
I wish you were never born
Freedom really sucks
When individuality is the norm

Please dont burn the flag
Or say things out of line
All those rat bastard founders
Hated dissent of any kind

What the fuck
Were you thinking
Giving me my own brain
Saying it was mine

Burn that First Amendment
Replace it with a god
Burn that first amendment
We mustent say anything wrong

Oh the politically correct
Exist in all labels
From the liberals
To Evangelicals selling fables

This is what I hear from you
This is what neither side will face
And want clones in it's place.

You both want common dogma
Just different points of view
Jesus pays for everything
Or gang tags goverment too

Atheists on the left
To Evangelicals on the right
You're pissing on what Jefferson wrote
And for what all should fight.

Jeus freaks on the left
Want goverment to pay for you
Protect you from hurt feelings
Free speech ......exept for you

Jesus freaks on the right
Are no better to me
Acting like Muslim zealots
Wanting to dictate to me

No group owns that document
It is there for one and all
When you view it through selfish goggles
I say fuck you one and all

Jefferson would so do
Turn over in his grave
To see such division
On issues that make us slaves

There is one common ground
That he saught for one and all
Evangelical to atheist

Freedom doesnt suck
Both sides just want clones
So you dont have to get allong
With that attitude freedom will be gone

Now your going to bitch
About this poem too
And to this I gleefully say
You're more than welcome to

My point is everyone has the right to bitch and vent, but we should never use the Constitution to create clones of ourselves by insisting that a god wrote it. Allah is the author of Middle East governments, and I dont want Americans copying that here. I also dont want politically correct minorities to claim that people have to like them. I am sick of both sides and their goal of creating clones insted of looking for common ground through common law.

I am tired of fuckheads like Falwell insisting that the only way to prove that you are American is by gang tagging goverment property with Christian logos and then lie and say that is not what you are doing. I am tired of politically correct left telling me or anyone else who I can and cannot like. We have become a nation of people who both on the left and right insist on using the Constitution to create robots like us. FUCK FALWELL AND FUCK THE POLITICALLY CORRECT LEFT AS WELL,

I want my freedom and I see both sides being assholes claiming they know what is best for me. Stay out of my morals BOTH OF YOU!

Jefferson did not write that First Amendment so that you could dictate to me that Jesus is my boss. Jefferson did not write that First Amendment so that you could force me to pay for liberal Christian Charities. Jefferson did not write that First Amendment so gays and atheists could say, "Dont say that".

He believed that YOU were responsible for YOU, not your neighbor. So would the crybabies on the left and right stop insisting what they know is best for me. Common law is what goverment is for and COMMON LAW is how we get allong and still allow each other to bitch. Could we get back to being a nation of individuals PLEASE!

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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