Dilbert author: 'Atheists are the new gays'

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Dilbert author: 'Atheists are the new gays'

Scott Adams' latest blog discusses social prejudice against nonbelievers. He notes that since Sept. 11, many atheists have felt more free to speak up, now the world has had a chance to see just why more and more people are disgusted with religious fanaticism.

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The parrallelle is apt. We

The parrallelle is apt. We are the new most hated and increasingly visible minority.

Now we have to do what other minotities in the past have done - a blitzkriege of information and activism. Nice to know we're a step ahead of the game.

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As they say... prejudice is

As they say... prejudice is without reason.

I always found it a bit funny that athesist are who people would least like their child to marry despite the fact that they have they lowest divorce rates.

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You'd think that the gays

You'd think that the gays would definitely take the cake on this one. But yea, I might as well have told my parents I was gay instead of atheist, because the reaction would have probably been the same.

My younger brother recently came to the conclusion that he's an agnostic a few months back. It really blows my mind how intelligent he is, even at 15. I am so proud of him. After a few deep chats with him, I'm almost positive that my brother is gay. I've made it clear to him that I love him no matter what and whenever he's ready to talk I'll be here. It really pisses me off that people can be so hateful, even to their own children. He told me the other day that my mother made the comment to him that homosexuals might as well be murderers and this really upset him. I mean, who wouldn't be upset by that? It's going to be rough, but my goal is to try to change my parent's opinions about atheism and homosexuality. But right now I'm basically limited to damage control. Sad