Deconverting Jehovah's Witnesses

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Deconverting Jehovah's Witnesses

Two Jehovah's Witnesses rang my doorbell this morning and handed me a pamphlet saying "THE END OF FALSE RELIGION DRAWS NIGH!" (in Finnish) in huge capital letters. I could not help but laugh out loud, remarking, "As opposed to true religion?" but I fear the irony was lost on them.

So, one of the girls says, "I'm happy to see that you like the pamphlet. Why don't you read the rest of it and I will drop by later to ask you how you felt about it." I laughed, "Sure, you do that. Have a nice day."

This probably means they will be coming again. What better opportunity to sow a few innocuous seeds of doubt... Evil

My question is, has anyone here deconverted a JW? Are there any tried-and-tested strategies? Any (online) reading suggestions?

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actualy, I would also like

actualy, I would also like some general devonversion strats but I was hoping there could be some non-agressive ones because I dont want to offend the people I am working on. One is amazingly close and I should have him "fixed" by next week even.

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"De-converting" a JW will

"De-converting" a JW will not be easy. I had a run in with them recently myself and posted here (somewhere). I researched the religion and found that they are a very secluded kind of cult. The ones that talked to you were sent out on the door-to-door mission. They never talk to those outside of their cult. If one is "de-converted" she will be denied contact with all other JW's even family members. Good luck and let me know if you find anyone that has succeed at it.

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De-converting JW's

I, for one, love when my doorbell rings and there is a JW standing on the other side.

I politely invite them in, take their literature, and calmly tell them that they have just entered HELL.

I just love the look on their faces when they find out that they just entered the home of an atheist. The squirming and the eye-twitching is priceless.
Maybe someday I will get this on video.

All in good fun, but I'm kind of demented that way.